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Mouse Armour Weapons

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MA706 1/35 scale Owen sub machine guns - three pack.  Two with solid receivers and one with skeletal receiver.

These models are very fragile and care should be taken when releasing them from the casting blocks.  There will be some very thein / see through flash to remove.

 The Australian Army started to use Owen SMGs in 1943 and Australian troops in South Vietnam  were still using them at Long Tan August 1966.  In fact one Owen SMG was lost at Long Tan but later found.

MAW707 1/35 scale OWEN gun with solid wooden stock. (This gun is cast in brass)  one unit
MAW708 1/35 scale Owen gun with wooden stock lightened. (This gun is cast in brass)  one unit
MAW709 1/35 scale Owen gun with skeletal receiver as used in Vietnam. (This gun is cast in brass)  one unit
MAW710 1/35 scale Owen gun with wire stock as used during World War II. (This gun is cast in brass)  one unit


MAW701 1/35 scale F88SA2 Austeyr rifles - pack of 5

Back in 2013 Mouse House Enterprises in partnership with Arms Corps Models decided to have the latest F88AS1 Austeyr rifles 3D printed and this eventually happened in 2014.  These were then printed and the result is the weapons that are now available for sale.  These new Austeyrs are very delicate and care will be needed especially with the very thin barrels.

The set includes four standard rifles with scope and one rifle with under barrel grenade launcher.

There is a very thin layer of flash between the rifle and the pour plug but the most delicate part is the barrel.

Every attempt will be made to get these to you safely but we have no control over Australia Post.

These rifles are now available in 1/25 (MAW702 /703) and 1/16 scales (MAW704 / 705).

At left: Top gun is 1/16th scale, middle gun is 1/25th and the bottom one is 1/35 scale.

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