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MA112 Short wheelbase Land Rover Series II 106mm RR / gun buggy

The update is based on the Tamiya Pink Panther kit.  There are all the parts required to make it into a gun buggy - a SWB Land Rover without the recoilless rifle fitted.
You will need to scratch build a pintle mount and add an M60 machine gun plus ammo.

For the 106mm version you will also need the AFV Club 106mm RR / TOW anti tank set.  The update set comes with a modified three legged mount to fit the Land Rover.

Option is also included to make a post Vietnam LR106mmRR with  jerrycan and spare wheel mounted on the brush guard.

A walkaround of this vehicle can be found here.

MA115 - a set of Land Rover tyres (5 studs) including a spare for the bonnet.  These are designed to fit either Revell Series III of Tamiya Series II Land Rovers.

Ideal for replacing the very worn out Revell series III tyres or the Tamiya Pink Panther desert tyres.


MA118 Australian Land Rover Series II General Service in 1/35 scale

This conversion set is specifically based on the Tamiya Pink Panther but could be used with the Tamiya Land Rover ambulance as well. 

The resulting model will be a long wheel (109 inch) base Land Rover as used by Australian Military Forces in South Vietnam.

 For prices please check the catalogue.

This shows the resin parts that will make a General Service Land Rover Series II without canvass tarpaulin as used by Australian Military Forces in South Vietnam.  Parts included but not shown in the image include: 2 jerrycans, handles and holders, a new rear bumper bar, four sets of rear seats (one shown), new rear panel and 4 bar tread and one spare tyre.
The instructions allow two versions to be made of this open topped version.  Version A uses the kit supplied rear panel with tailgate and bumperettes.  Version B provides a new resin rear panel without a tailgate and this version often carried two petrol jerrycans on the rear bumper.

Version A shown

There is not a lot of info on the web on the Military versions of the Australian Series II Land Rover.  The best place to find info is ANZAC Steel articles by Paul Handel.

  MA124 1/35 scale set of tools stowed on Land Rovers used by the Australian Army. 

Seen on Series 2 and 3 Land Rovers.

Mastered by Brian Richardson.


MA1261/35 Australian Unimog early wheels (4) + spare (1)   NEW

This provides 4 detailed wheels to replace the Revell Unimog vinyl tyres and hubs which look like they are bald tyres.  The tread is much improved.       

                                                    Mastered by Alan Currey


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