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MA111 1/35 scale AFV Club Centurion enhancement set

Refer to Australian Centurion evolution for details of when some of the changes took place.

This update is designed for the AFV Club Australian Centurion Mk.5/1 as seen in the latter part of the Vietnam war. 

Parts provided include: wash basin, mud scrapers, turret ammo liner rack with PRC 25 radio and Australian pattern star pickets

Other items that were generally carried was sufficient water in jerry cans (10-11 carried across the rear of the engine deck) to totally refill the radiators (MA302).  These were often a mixture of US and Australian plastic jerrycans.

1/35 MA114 Skeletal idler wheel as used by Australian Centurions in Vietnam. 

Comes as a set of two idlers (of course) and can be used for any Centurion as appropriate.  This has been specifically designed for the AFV Club Centurion


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