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Looking at sales of the MA400 range of 1/25 scale products we have rationalised the conversion sets we will sell in future

1/25 scale Conversions and updates for the Tamiya 1/25 scale Centurion Mk.III

MA403 1/25 Scale Centurion ammunition

The set 2 APCBC + 2 Canister rounds + 30/50 calibre ammo liners + 2 expended brass shells (the re-supply pack - ideal for dioramas and filler items for the turret baskets)

MA407 Complete conversion set to make an Australian Centurion Mk.5/1  as served in Vietnam in 1971.

MA407 conversion includes:

  • 20 pounder Type B barrel  (MA402)
  • Mk.5/1 mantlet
  • searchlight mount
  • new turret top to replace kit piece
  • commanders ammo rack and PRC 25 radio, handset
  • 2 sets of side opening stowage bins
  • US Army style pickets for bin reinforcement
  • replacement rear plate to accommodate 100 gal fuel tank
  • 100 gallon fuel tank
  • tow cable mounting and
  • some smaller parts
  • glacis armour plate
  • two spare wheels and two omega brackets
  • Rear turret basket and searchlight stowage
  • searchlight mount
  • commander's 30 cal machine gun
  • 30 and 50 cal receivers for inside the turret

PLEASE NOTE: Several of the conversion bits have been remoulded to make it easier for the modeller to prepare individual pieces. 

The main improvement is that the turret basket has now been moulded as partially provisioned and only three frames need to be added.

Also  we have provided some fine woven material and instructions to make the mantelet dust cover that was not included in previous versions.



MA411 Metal jerrycans (10)


Australian Centurion went to Vietnam equipped with Australian (British) kit including metal jerrycans.  During service in Vietnam the Centurion tanks often carried up to 11 jerrycans of water in order to have sufficient water to refill the radiator in case of damage.

Centurions often carried a mixture of US plastic / Australian Plastic / metal jerrycans for this purpose.

NOTE:  This set will now include a mixture of British style metal jerrycans and plastic US styles water jerrycans


MA414 Australian Centurion detail set

This set includes  2 mud scrapers, 2 square oil tins, a plastic wash basin, hand set for PRC25, tool box and two tarpaulins - one for the rear deck and a second for the large turret storage bin.

Australian tank crew in Vietnam were initially provided with Australian produced ration packs but it soon became easier to tap into the American supply system and tank crew often used US Army C ration packs.

Also now includes 5 US Army plastic water jerrycans - often intermixed with Australian plastic or mainly metal jerrycans.




MA420 Australian Centurion Dozer blade assembly


This set includes  the Centurion dozer blade and other assembly pieces.  It can be used in conjunction with Mouse Armour MA407 to make an Australian Centurion Dozer as deployed to Vietnam 1968-1971. 

The Australians deployed four Centurion Dozer tanks in Vietnam between 1968 and 1971.

1/25 scale Australian Dozers in Vietnam decals are available as MA617.


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