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Australian Saladin Turreted Fire Support Vehicle (FSV)

Bradley Hall

The Tamiya Saladin FSV kit detailed without the use of update kits.




FSVmarr.jpg (27699 bytes)
by Barry Mariott 1987
The image shows all the classic mods for this vehicle in Vietnam: sponson armour, belly armour, splash board extension and vehicle name.

38.jpg (35203 bytes) by Shane Davis of Canberra

A Tamiya Saladin Fire support vehicle built straight from the box.  The model is painted in overall Humbrol French artillery green.

Australian Saladin Turreted Fire Support Vehicle (FSV) by Mario Biagi
The model was painted in the same Olive Drab (exterior) & Seafoam Green (interior) as with the full size vehicles as I work on M113 and ASLAVs during the day.

The interior was totally scratchbuilt with aftermarket parts from Eduard, Aussie Armour, Armour Bits & anything that I could find to add to the kit.

The diorama is off vehicle ARN 134702 during training at Holsworthy in ' 73 as this is when turning indicators were introduced according to your book. I added SLR rifles but I'm not sure if the crews had them!   Anyway I wouldn't have been able to build the model like I've done without the info & pics from your Aust FSV / MRV's book and an article from Darlington Publication.

fsvbppa.bmp (589734 bytes)   fsvbpp.bmp (1056870 bytes) Under construction  fsvb7i.bmp (864630 bytes)   fsvb6i.bmp (1936854 bytes)  fsvb4.bmp (1298454 bytes)The interior work

fsvb3.bmp (1710054 bytes)   fsvb6.bmp (2224470 bytes)  Other views  fsvb1.bmp (1279254 bytes)   The end result

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