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M113 Medium Reconnaissance vehicle (MRV)

  mrvf.bmp (2598286 bytes)  mrvr.bmp (1431554 bytes)  mrvrr.bmp (2101846 bytes)  mrvs.bmp (1880702 bytes) Modelled by John Myszka

The is the AFV Club medium Reconnaissance vehicle straight from the box in standard Australian 3 tone camouflage.  I used broom/brush bristles for flexible aerials and aircraft fuel filter mesh for the mesh guards over the inlet/outlet grills. The colour scheme is standard FS30219 brown, FS37038 black and Taubmans camouflage green (Alkyd paint).  The markings are an inverted black triangle with the callsign 22 C BANSHEE from the Aussie decals sheet.  The kit has some more standard markings yet to be added such as, bridging circle, unit sign and Caution left hand drive on the rear.

The photo shows the model in slightly higher gloss than it really is.  The model is over-sprayed with a very thin mixture of mainly turns and a little red earth to simulate the dirt from the Top End where these vehicles were finally retired.

The kit goes together well but has some omissions: only 2  traffic indicators provided not 4, no fuel cans or plastic water cans and you need to add a canvas cover over the middle of the barrel.

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