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Australian Army ASLAV Family Of Vehicles

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Modelled by Troy Henderson

Modelled by Sauvaget Laurent
The ASLAV recovery with rear mounted spades and the Fitters with its crane based on the Trumpeter LAV-Recovery hull.  Both are armed with the RWS with 50 calibre machine gun modified to Australian Standards.  Mouse Armour kits MA124  ASLAV R, MA132  ASLAV F and MA123 Seal Solutions Spider mount were used in these models.

Modelled by Brian Richardson
The Trumpeter ASLAV 25 kit was matched with ACM 35852 and ACM35801 turret crew. Milliput tarps and surgical gauze net fill the turret baskets. Finished in Mouse House AUSCAM enamels and Humbrol washes. It represents a 2nd Cavalry Regt. ASLAV on convoy escort duty in the Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan 2009. 


Modelled by Jason Miller.  Jason built this model based on the Trumpeter ASLAV 25 and used his conversion set ACM35852 plus several other items from the Arms Corps Range (see catalogue) including bulged XML tyres (ACM35859)and ASLAV turret crew (ACM35801)

Modelled by Joshua Maher from the Border Modellers club
Joshua has used Arms Corps Models update set and Mouse House accessories (Complete Equipment Schedule and ration boxes) to build this model based on the Trumpeter ASLAV 25

Modelled by John Myszka
This ASLAV 25 Phase 2 model is based on an Italeri LAV 25 plus the addition of Mouse Armour conversion sets MA109, MA116, MA117 and MLM01 XML tyres.  The decals are from the Eschelon set of USMC and Australian LAVs.  Mouse Armour also has MA112 which is the Phase 2 conversion set for the LAV25 from Trumpeter.


Modelled by Brett Robinson
This vehicle is based on the Type 2 hull which is used as an APC.  The model is of a surveillance version with remote weapons stations as currently used in Iraq.

Modeled by Jeremy King

Modeled by Adam Lehmann

  Adam used resin conversion bits provided by Mouse House Enterprises - Maple leaf wheels

Greg Andrew has provided images of his ASLAV.  Greg says that it is not a difficult project just a load of minor modifications.  The only thing that is still missing is a fluted barrel - many promise to produce one but not have actually done it.  The kit has the wheels that come with the kit which are very limited.  Both original narrow and the wider XML wheels made by Maple Leaf Models and available from Mouse House Enterprises.  See the review.

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