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Australian Army Matilda

David Denmeade has made this diorama using fish tank plants and a range of local vegetation to simulate jungle growth.  The Matilda shows the anti tank mine mesh.


turret_top.jpg (8904 bytes)Ian Stuart has taken the old Tamiya Matilda and updated it to an Australian Matilda as used by 7 Troop, B Squadron, 2/4th Armoured regiment in Bougainville in 1945. Note that Ian has placed a mesh over the rear of the armoured deck which was a measure to stop Japanese soldiers from placing magnetic mines and satchel charges on the engine deck.  The rear shot shows that Ian has also simulated the asbestos lagging on the exposed exhaust pipes.

Ian modified the front of the hull to correct the width around the driver's position and scratchbuilt various minor items.  He also used the MR Modellbau Matilda conversion, Fruill tracks and Firestorm resin stowage items.

The model was painted with Humbrol enamels, acrylic washes pastels and mud.  Thanx to Shane Lovell and Michael Grieve for their assistance with research for this model.

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