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Ben O'Dowd

It's a Tamiya kit, with a Mouse Armour full width basket (MA121), dozer blade (MA119) & damaged wheels (for Tamiya kit MA142), and your Leopard AS1conversionl. . Also has your milk crate, gas bottle and water jerry cans. The rest of the additions were from the spares box, or scratch built. Thanks for selling all this good Aussie stuff over the years, saves me a lot of time from trying to scratch build it all. Check the catalogue for other Leopard items.



Michal Bartusiak used the Mouse House leopard Dozer blade set (MA119) to add to his Canadian Leopard C2.

Greg Moss used the Tamiya Leopard 1A4 to build this representation of the Australian Leopard AS1.  Note the Abrams AIM in the background.


Modelled by Brian Richardson
Brian used the Armorbits conversion set and used one of the two turret baskets provided.  An interesting point is the iron rod extra bit to hold the jerrycan in place.  The cam net looks very good.  The vehicle is modelled as a 1994 Exercise Northern Predator  vehicle from A squadron C Troop tank.  This was shortly after the vehicles changed to 3 colour camouflage system.


Modelled by Joshua Maher
The model is based on the Italeri Leopard 1A4 plus the Armour Bits Leopard AS1 conversion set plus the Mouse House MA119 Leopard Dozer set.  Mouse Armour decal set MAD606 1st Armoured Regiment was also used.

Modelled by Peter J Pickering
I drove, and was Loader on this vehicle in C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment in 1987. The kit is the Italeri kit with a Tamiya main armament (better scale). I used some of the Armour Bits conversion, but also did a lot of scratch building.  The tracks are individual links that were produced in Hong Kong

Modelled by Allan Currey (Former 1 AR)
Two very nicely completed Leopard AS1s.  The bulldozer blade and mechanisms were scratch built and the blade is moveable.  The top view shows a very accurate mounting of the two stowage bins on the rear of the turret.  Models seen at NSW Model Show Wollongong

Modelled by Adam Lehmann

Adam make this prize winning model using items purchased from Mouse House Enterprises.

MillersAS1A4no7.jpg (134911 bytes)  MillersAS1A4no3.jpg (138802 bytes)  DSC00008.jpg (146083 bytes)  jrmcloset1.jpg (147063 bytes)  jrmcloset2.jpg (138885 bytes) Model by Jason Miller
Jason has build this model of the Australian Leopard AS1 using the Armour Bits conversion set.  He has built the added items seen around most armoured vehicles and has simulated the Barracuda camouflage.  the model is of the leopard AS1 taking part in the Mount Bundy exercises in 2000.

leoside.jpg (20196 bytes)  leocloseFR.jpg (28468 bytes)  leotopRR.jpg (28432 bytes)  leoturret.jpg (28396 bytes)   Model by John Myszka

The model is a converted Italeri Leopard 1A4 combined with an Aussie Armour resin detail/conversion set.  The mine rollers are from the Academy Merkava with mine rollers with a suitably modified mounting plate.  The glacis mounting plate was scratchbuilt using pictures from Australian and NZ Defender magazine as a guide.  The rear engine deck has the cyclonic air filter from the Tamiya Gepard with aircraft filter mesh over the top with some 10thou plastic cuts on top.  The call sign is not correct, it should be something like 51X or 61X.

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