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Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 1700 L 4x4 5000kg Truck as used by the Australia Army

The Australian Army ordered some 1295 Unimog 1700L trucks that were produced at the Mercedes-Benz plant at Mulgrave Victoria.  Mercedes-Benz also produced 400 in country for the New Zealand Army.  This version of the Unimog is also used by Canada and Malaysia (400). 

This version is different to the model produced by Revell as kit 03020 Unimog Lkw 2t(onne) tmilgl in 1/35 scale.  The Revell kit represents the   U1300 L with a 3.25m wheelbase rather than the 3.85m wheelbase of the Australian version.

Specifications with 1/35 scale measurement in brackets):

Length 6700mm (191.43mm) Suspension coil springs front and rear
Width 2465mm (70.43mm) Tyres 13.00 x 20 (9.44 x 14.52mm)
Height - cab 2780mm (79.43mm) Track 1840mm (52.58mm)
Height - canvass cover 3140mm (89.72) Wheelbase 3850mm (110.00mm)


u1700cab1.jpg (26293 bytes) Remembering that the Revell Unimog is the European version, in that it is a left hand drive and the Australian version is right hand drive.  To model the Australian version the dash and seating needs to be reversed.  The dashboard is accurate just the wrong way around for our version.

Note the firs extinguisher and other colours.

u1700cab2.jpg (36980 bytes) A good view of the dash and the interior colours of the doors and seats.
u1700chl2.jpg (15520 bytes) Left side jus a little further back - muffler, rear coil springs and wheel pattern are visible.  Note that with the longer rear tray the sides are broken into two short sides rather than one long side.
u1700chl1a.jpg (14069 bytes) The left side of the Unimog just behind the cab.  The spare wheel and toolboxes are seen as is the exhaust pipe.
u1700chl3.jpg (13206 bytes) Still on the left side, this time behind the rear wheel.  Note the mudguard support, standard tool rack, tow hook mounting and civilian type truck indicator cluster.
u1700chr1.jpg (18089 bytes) Right side rear. The tailgate has a "step ladder" integral to the tailgate.  There are jerrycan racks as well
u1700chr2.jpg (14706 bytes) Just forward of the rear right wheel is the brake thingys and the fuel tank.
u1700chl1.jpg (14344 bytes) Just behind the right side of the cab. Just visible on the left is the fuel tank
u1700f1.jpg (18023 bytes) Front of the Unimog 1700 L. Note the number plate (Olive drab on white) ,  the bridging circle on a metal circle and the unit plate.  Looks like crossed swords with "21" above it.   Many but not all of the Australian Unimogs are fitted with a winch.  The brush guard is also visible.
u1700f2.jpg (17193 bytes) Same vehicle close up.  The arm or service in low visibility black on green.  In years past this could have been a white 40 on a black square indicating a headquarters unit.
u1700f3.jpg (18618 bytes) Close up view of brush guard mounting.
u1700hin.jpg (14702 bytes) Inside of the cab that shows the roof hatch and colours.  It is surprising how many colours are actually seen on the inside.
u1700hino.jpg (11959 bytes) Roof hatch with hatch open.
u1700hout.jpg (12903 bytes) Roof hatch from the outside.  Similar but not the same as the Revell kit.  Of course it is on the other side of the vehicle to the Revell kit.
.u1700int.jpg (11136 bytes) Inside the rear tray with the tarp in place.  The troop seats are in the up position.  The inside of the four sides of the tray are ribbed on the inside
u1700int1.jpg (14695 bytes) The cab.  Note the double seat is also a different shape to the kit part.
u1700ir.jpg (37078 bytes) The steering wheel and some of the instrumentation
u1700ls.jpg (13081 bytes) Left side front
u1700r.jpg (16902 bytes) Rear view of a Unimog 1700 L ( assume "L" stands for lang (long) in German).
u1700wheel.jpg (15253 bytes) Close up of the Australian Unimog wheel. The hub design is quite a deal different to the German/European kit as portrayed by Revell.

The Revell kit when compared to these photos compares very well to the real thing.

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