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The Evolution of the Australian Centurion in Vietnam
John Myszka

The Australian Centurion tanks that went to South Vietnam during January-February 1968 were equipped as follows:

After arriving in country a process of modifications took place as a result of short comings and improvements as a result of battle experience:

When the turret basket became too heavy and started to sag, Australian pattern star pickets were welded/ bolted to the rear of the turret and the rear edge of the turret basket for added support.  Later these were replaced by pipes with flattened ends.

The turret stowage basket regularly carried : oil tins, collapsible stretchers, wash basin, 1 to 6 C rations cartons, occasionally 20 pounder shells.

For more detail and pictures we recommend Military Briefs No.3 - Australian Centurions in Vietnam.  A 1/35 and 1/25 scale full conversion kit is available as well.  check the catalogue.

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