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Last Updated 5 April 2016

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  • Catalogue - AUSCAM paints, photoetch, decals and books still available

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 M113A1 family of vehicles 1965 -1972
1972 - 2015.

MA202 1/35 scale M113AS4 complete kit - modellers on the registered interest list will be contacted in due course as the kits come on line


Our books, stencils, decals and paints remain for sale - check our catalogue


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mainly CMP trucks

ONE ONLY 1/16th scale Leopard AS1 turret baskets - square cross section $135 now $100+P&P

NEWS: Arms Corps Models who cast our MA202 M113AS4 APC has closed down for an indeterminate period so those on the registered waiting list have not been forgotten just delayed.  Mouse House will contact the next on the list as soon as we have more deliveries..



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